Obituary Form

Obituary Form

Obituary Policy

Obituaries and Funerals are considered news and are published without charge.

Families and funeral directors may add information and a photo to Obituaries, and a fee is charged for publication.
You can email paid obituaries to If you are using this form to submit a paid obituary, please indicate in the box under 'Contact Information'.

Information about Deceased

Survivors include the deceased's spouse, children, siblings, parents and grandparents. Please indicate "step" or "half" relationships. Companions, caregivers and fianc├ęs may be listed only if he/she resided with the deceased. Nieces and nephews may be listed only if they are the only survivors.

Entries without a name will be ignored.

Full Name Residence (City/State) Relationship

Example: John Doe

Example: Findlay, Ohio

Example: Father

  Name of place where the funeral will take place.
  Name of cemetery, etc.
  Funeral Home Name, etc.
  Example: Michael D Doe
Contact Information

For verification purposes, please supply your contact information and if this is to be a paid obituary.

  Example: John W Doe
  Example: 12345 Streetname St
  Example: Findlay
  Example: Ohio
(Required for US residents only.)
  Example: 45840
  Example: 419-422-5151
  Must match the e-mail you supplied above.